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Upcoming Classes 


Classes scheduled for 2020

"How I Plein Air"  with Tarryl Gabel - April 4

Come learn the Why and How of Tarryl's approach to painting. Strengthen your fundamentals while learning to work quickly with atmosphere and implied detail. You'll be painting beside Tarryl as she guides you in this one day workshop. She will show and explain her unique plein air setup and working methods by taking you through her process from start to finish.


Tarryl says, "I believe we learn the fastest, and retain the most, by physically 'doing,' rather than just watching and listening." She'll prove her point in this workshop, while you paint step by step through her entire process. Tarryl will cover value, composition, design, atmospheric and linear perspective, color, edges, and different types of contrast. You'll experience her techniques first hand, from the lay-in stages all the way through the final brushstrokes, integrating her process by painting along in real time.


Tarryl will display one of her beautiful plein air paintings, and will take you stepwise through the process of that work, as you follow her to recreate the scene from start to finish. This will give the students the chance to try a different approach to working fast, and use Tarryl's tips to achieve a detailed-looking result in less time. Practicing these techniques can have great benefits when working out on location with a moving light source and time constraints.


Each student will receive a hand-out that summarizes her process, so that you can refer back to specific steps in the progression of the painting. These notes will restate the basic fundamentals of her approach, and help you keep them foremost in your mind while out painting.


Participants will be provided with a materials list for the class. Whether you paint in the studio or out on location, achieving a great result in less time is invaluable! Tarryl's tips and tricks will help you with speed and mastery, as you paint your way to a beautiful landscape.


Class Fee: $75.00

Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (with 1 hour lunch break) April 4

Class is limited to 12 people as it will indoors at the gallery. 

Beginning Zentangle with Pam Vukelic -  June 11 & 18

A recently retired high school FACS (aka Home Economics) teacher, Pam is also an experienced adult ed teacher. Prior to learning the art of Zentangle, her artistic endeavors typically involved needle or textile arts. She approached Zentangle with some trepidation but soon became a believer in the notion that being an artist is not a prerequisite to this meditative activity in which one can lose oneself while creating a thing of beauty. Pam completed a three-day Zentangle teacher certification course in Rhode Island last June.


Zentangle is an international phenomenon focused on mindful drawing. Zentangle art involves combining defined patterns, known as Tangles, into original works of art. Typically, Zentangle drawing is done using black ink on a small white paper “tile.” With shading and enhancements, the possibilities are endless. Although Zentangle art has been compared to adult coloring, we start with a blank tile to create a totally original creation, so this is not an apt comparison. The process, rather than the product, is important in Zentangle. In these classes you will learn the fundamental Zentangle steps as well as 8-10 different tangles.

Class Fee: $20 and $10 Supply Fee 

Time: 10:30 a.m. - Noon, June 11 and June 18


Acrylics with Walter Piehl - September 25 & 26

Rosemaling with Diane Edwards - November 21

Contact BAGA for registration, or more information on classes at (701) 223-5986; or register online here (please note you do not need to login to pay online, simply click "Donate Now")

Refund Policy:  BAGA will refund class registration fees, if notified 7 days or more prior to the beginning of a class.