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Upcoming Classes 

Classes scheduled for 2023


April       22           Beginner woodcarving class with Becky Barnes  CLASS IS FULL!

Fee:     $15 tools supplied (3 projects)  bring a sack lunch    9am – 4 pm

                Becky Barnes, carver with the Flickertail Woodcarvers, will be teaching a beginner’s course of carving.  The class is best suited for those 15 years old and up, due to the sharp nature of the tools we will be using during the class.  Instruction will begin with proper safety procedures, tool overview, common terms, and an introduction to different types of carving woods.  We’ll start off with the “practice stick” which helps teach the three basic cuts, then move to more creative projects once the basics are covered.

 Becky Barnes is a paleontologist with the ND Geological Survey, and member of the Flickertail Woodcarvers.  She is often found combining her love of prehistoric life with woodworking and carving projects.  Carving styles from across the globe fascinate her, and she’s usually busy tackling some new challenge.  Becky lives with her husband, daughter, and a plethora of cats.

May 2:        En Plein Air Workshop with Larry Maslowski, Sally Storslee and Paul Noot
Fee:      $30 per participant (supplies included)    5:30 pm – 8 pm

Learn everything you need to know to take your art making outdoors! After a brief introduction, we’ll break into three groups - oils, acrylics, and watercolors – depending on the medium in which you’d like to work. Larry will teach oils; Sally will teach acrylics; and Paul will teach watercolors. You’ll learn a brief history, the benefits of painting outdoors, how to get started, and the materials needed, before breaking into groups and heading outdoors. There you’ll learn to prepare a thumbnail sketch, set up your equipment, tone your canvas, transfer your sketch, block in and finish your painting. During the last portion, everyone will gather to share about their experience. We are limiting class size to 6 per medium (oil, acrylic or watercolor).


May       6              The Nature of Pastel with Michael Dunn     CLASS IS FULL!

Fee:  $160.00 per participant (supplies included)       9:00am – 5pm

Course Description: This course will take participants on a journey of exploration and experimentation of the pastel medium, focusing on painting and drawing techniques. Participants will also spend time exploring non-traditional approaches such as applying complementary under-color before using pastels.

Participants will also develop skills and confidence in the following:

  • Value and contrast

  • Composition

  • Color studies:  using complementary colors as a starting point

  • Subject matter decisions

  • Utilizing multiple references when creating a painting

  • Creating a pre-artist’s statement

  • Incorporating other mediums into a piece of work, colored pencils, pastels, and watercolor acrylic

  • Critique of participant’s work by instructor and other participants

Participants are encouraged to bring photographs to be used as references for color studies and painting composition and any of their own pastels.


June      13 & 15             Eco-Dye Printmaking with Chelle Doll

Fee: $100 (includes most supplies)             6 – 7:30 pm   

We all have been to a funeral or a wedding and wondered what to do with the flowers and or greenery from those memorable days.  Or maybe you have an amazing flower garden in your backyard and would love to preserve some of its beauty.  You can, with the process called Eco-dyeing.  It gives you the ability to turn those living items into a work of art or beautiful fabric for clothing, journals and more.   

Eco-dyeing has been around for centuries but was named and made popular by an amazing natural dyer called India Flint.  She discovered the method while she was in Japan and quickly fell in love with it, perfecting it and teaching others how to do it.  It is both environmentally friendly and works like a dye print in which the image and energy of the plants are transferred to paper.  The process can also be applied to fabrics such as silk and cottons. 

The process begins by treating your paper or fabric with a mordant.  In the Eco-Dye class taught by Chelle Doll, you will learn what mordant to use, what additives gives you different colors (yes, the same leaf can yield blues, oranges, yellows or greens), step by step how the process works (hands on, you do your own) and how to finish off your work of art. Chelle has been doing the process for a few years and can give you helpful hints, do’s and don’ts and guidance to create your own masterpiece.  You may have seen some of Chelle's pieces in our recent art show.  

At the end of the two-day class, you will have more than one beauty to take home with you and all the knowledge you need to continue to perfect the art on your own.  Supplies are included in the class fee.  Sign-up today, space is limited.  

July 12 & 19        Zentangle with Certified Instructor Pam Vukelic

Fee: $30 (includes supplies)           10:30 am - Noon

Vukelic will lead this meditative activity in which one can lose oneself while creating a thing of beauty. Zentangle is an international phenomenon focused on mindful drawing. Zentangle art involves combining defined patterns, known as Tangles, into original works of art. In this class you will learn thefundamental Zentangle steps as well as 8-10 different tangles.


August  19               Printmaking with Anna Jacobson

Fee:  $65 (includes supplies)                    10 am – 3 pm 

Explore relief printmaking (carving into a surface) and print multiple copies of an image. Participants in this workshop will learn the fundamentals of making black and white relief prints.

This class will cover block preparation, transferring an image onto the block, carving techniques, and the printing process.No experience necessary! Come for fun!

September 30              Creativity Enhancement Workshop with Kimble Bromley

Fee:  $35                                10-Noon           

In this exciting workshop participants:

​            *Learn to apply hypnosis to enhance creativity

*Learn strategies to overcome creativity blocks

*Learn self hypnosis

*See immediate results

​Bromley's Creativity Enhancement Workshop offers participants a unique educational experience, strategies to find those creative abilities we all possess and having a lot of fun doing it.

"How can I best assist my students in reaching their maximum creative potential?" As an art educator, this is the question I constantly ask myself. Hypnosis offers a unique path toward developing creativity. Hypnosis, approved by the AMA in 1958, is simply a very natural state of mind, combining deep relaxation and guided imagery.

Dr. James Council of the Psychology Department and myself, have been researching the significance of hypnosis on creativity. Our research, which has found hypnosis significance in the creative process, “Hypnotic Enhancement of Creative Drawing” has been published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL HYPNOSIS, October, 2007 issue.

​"Our original creativity eventually yields to routine and habit. Fortunately, we can remove our habitual ways of perceiving and thinking by changing our perspective and learning how to look at our problems in many different ways


October             Basic Drawing with Paul Noot

Fee:     $45       

Use the creativity you experienced in the Creativity Workshop in this drawing workshop with Paul Noot.

Sign up if you’re a beginner or just want to gain a few more techniques in your drawing skills.




Contact BAGA for registration, or more information on classes at (701) 223-5986; or register online here (please note you do not need to login to pay online, simply click "Donate Now")

Refund Policy:  BAGA will refund class registration fees, if notified 7 days or more prior to the beginning of a class. 

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