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Annual Exhibitions 2023

January 3-27   Opening Reception  Jan. 6, 5-7 pm

The Artisans of Annunciation Monastery

Sally Storslee, Member Artist

Sponsor: Marcia Sickler

January 31-February 24    Opening Reception Feb. 3, 5-7 pm

Deana Novak "Jack of All"

Jacqueline Binstock, Member Artist

Sponsors: Peter & Ruth Woodrow

February 28-March 24   Opening Reception    March 3, 5-7 pm

Arvin K. Davis, Jr. "Doom.banana"

Michele Gorres, Member Artist

Sponsors: Jerry & Cindy Kemmet, Dale & Carolyn Twingley

April 4-8   Opening Reception      April 4, 5-7 pm

To Be Hung Over

Sponsor: Dr. David & Deb Larson

April 11-28   Opening Reception    April 11, 5-6:30 pm

14th Combined High Schools Juried Show

Sponsor: Marcia Sickler

May 2-26     Opening Reception     May 5, 5-7 pm

Michael Dunn "Response to the Prairie" 

Jonathan Wisthoff, Member Artist

Sponsors: Paige Pederson, Linda & Kirk Maize, & Diane Lillis


June 6-30    Opening Reception      June 6, 5-7 pm     

Doug & Walter's Dog & Pony Show, with Ned "the real artist"

  (Doug Pfliger, Walter Piehl, & Ned Krouse)

Kathleen Stromstad, Member Artist

Sponsors:  William & Carol Retterath, Matt & Kristy Hamar, Judy Lewis, Donna Zander


July 11-28     Opening Reception    July 11, 5-7 pm  

"Artist + Muse: Woodcuts by Charles Beck from the Timothy Murphy Collection

Alicia Leingang, Member Artist

Sponsors: Sherry Niesar & Peter Wax, Bob & Melissa Gordon, Zoe Wergland Manstrom


August 8-25    Opening Reception     Aug 8, 5-7 pm

Square Foot Show

Tracy Moser, Member Artist

Sponsor: Jim Renner, Mary Adams and Pete & Eileen Zahakos


September 5-29;    Opening Reception Sept. 8, 5-7 pm

Kimble Bromley

Joanne Drevlow, Member Artist

Sponsors: Val & Jerry Harlow


October 3-27          Opening Reception Oct. 3, 5-7 pm

Annual Fall Art Show

Sponsor: Robert & Susan Wefald


November 7-30    Opening Reception  Nov. 7, 5-7 pm

Marsha Lehmann

Roxanne Rost Erickson, Member Artist

Sponsors: Dr. David & Deb Larson


November 29 - December 23  Opening Reception: Dec. 2, 5-7pm

Member Artists "The Artistry of Trees" and selected poems

Sponsor: Starion Bank

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