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Current Exhibition   January 8-30, 2020

Frank Sampson Retrospective

This traveling exhibition is part of the Rural Arts Initiative, a

program dedicated to touring exhibitions of original artwork

throughout North Dakota.  The program is a part of the outreach

conducted through the North Dakota Museum of Art located in

Grand Forks, ND.


For forty years Frank Sampson—now ninety-two years old—

taught painting and printmaking at the University of Colorado in

Boulder. He returns for one month in summer and one month in

winter to the North Dakota family’s home in   Edmore where he

continues to paint.  


When asked about his paintings, Mr. Sampson says, In looking

for past experiences and antecedents that may have influenced

my work as an artist I think immediately of my childhood on a

farm near Edmore, North Dakota surrounded by pigs, chickens,

horses and cows as well as a story-telling mother who entertained

and rewarded her five sons with vivid adventure stories. These

wonderful tales were full of fantasy and frequently animals played

major roles.



The member artist on display is photographer Johnathan Campbell.  


As a teenager living on the family farm north of Bismarck he was introduced to the basics of photography, and darkroom printing by his mother, Marlys Ward. He carried that interest to the    University of North Dakota where he earned a B.A. in Visual Art in 1995.  After

graduation he worked as the fossil preparator at the North Dakota Heritage Center where he used his artistic skills to restore fossils such as the mosausaur skeleton displayed in the Geologic Times Gallery.

In 2014, after a 20 year hiatus, Johnathan picked up the camera again, and begun re-exploring the manipulation of light. His current primary area of expression is long exposure photography, with an emphasis on creative light painting.