Christy Dickinson 
                 Vibrant Intersections
May 3 - 27, 2022


Her paintings embrace color and are bold. When placed upon the wall they are like functional creativity. Through the symbols and designs, she investigates issues of women and society. These paintings arise from a basis of systematic compositions, geometric patterns, form, and color that mimic or use techniques and structures drawn from textiles         traditions from various cultures. Strips of paper are painted then collaged on wood panels as the foundation. Her process is a play between intuitive and spontaneous. As she builds the piece, it speaks to her. It requires trust in her own intuitive response and the ability to accept change through its creation. The resulting imagery plays on  pattern and design. She is in the process of continuing to explore scale and how one’s relation to the  painting changes when it consumes the viewer. 

The member artist is Michelle Marman from Beach, ND.

Michelle Marman is a painter, illustrator, muralist, and community arts leader.
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Christy Dickinson video tour

Dickinson Brochure

Michelle Marman video tour

Marman Brochure