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           February 28 - March 24, 2023     
Arvin Davis, Jr. "DOOM.banana"

and Michele Gorres, Member Artist

Davis' explanation of his exhibit is as unique as the exhibit itself.  "If you were to bite into a banana from 100 years ago, as the consumers know them, they would have a surprise.  Full of seeds, not as sweet, more nutritious.  Banana cloning has gotten to the point that entire plantations will be wiped out by a fungal infection.  Eventually, Bananas will become   currency.  What an absurd reality we live in.  DOOM.banana is the exuberance and irreverence of life, it fully frees me to do whatever, however with a simple banana as the tether.  Abstration to realism, DOOM.bananas give me the ability to extend myself.  It’s liberating.  Bring your headphones and enjoy the music incorporated in this exhibit!


Michele is a self-taught International Artist from North Dakota, USA who has recently returned to creating art after a 20-year hiatus while raising 5 children. Though she does not limit herself to specific subjects or        mediums, rural life on the prairie usually involving Pen & Ink       dominate her art. Drawing skills are her strength and central to her work, which obviously spill over into her paintings as well. She enjoys creating works that trigger fond memories of days gone by and the wildlife/animals actively carrying on in the manner characteristic to their existence. 


Arvin Davis video tour 

Michele Gorres video tour

Davis Exhibit Brochure

Gorres Exhibit Brochure

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