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             September 5-29,2023


  Pond Paintings by Kimble Bromley


Member Artist Exhibit by Joanne Drevlow


For the past 15 years I have been painting my pond in rural Minnesota.  I live on 20 acres made up of 12 acres of woods and an 8 acre pond.  There, I paint on location celebrating the light and color I encounter. 

             In 2019 I had the opportunity to   travel to France to study Monet's paintings and to visit his gardens in Giverny.  This was an inspirational experience!  After letting this adventure simmer for two years, the scenes I encountered there are now coming to life in my paintings.  The motifs that inspired hundreds of Monet's most mature work are seen in my paintings.  My unique paintings are also filled with color and light as seen in the dynamic compositions. These paintings are my interpretation of the gardens Monet so lovingly created.

    Also featured during the month of September is member artist Joanne Drevlow.  Drevlow's exhibit features her works in clay as well as several oil paintings.  She has combined her love of gardening by making sculptural objects for the garden.  She also has incorporated her love of bright color in the use of glazes.  That love of color and texture has spilled over into her paintings as well. 

    These exhibits are sponsored by Val and Jerry Harlow and in part by the North Dakota Council on the Arts and the Tom & Frances Leach Foundation.

Kimble Bromley video tour

Square Foot Exhibit 

Joanne Drevlow video tour 

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