Current Exhibition   January 5 - February 20, 2021

Bradford Hansen-Smith "Not Seen Before"

Thirty years folding and exploring the

nature of the circle. Hansen-Smith's interest is in the information generated and the development of systems that can be formed by reconfiguring and joining paper circles through proportional folding. There is no traditional cutting or measuring. This is about unity held within the unit circle.

Member Artist Sister Nancy Gunderson will feature his beautiful quilted wall hangings.

Sister Nancy often combines her hand-dyed and commercial fabrics in vibrant colors to create sensuous pieces that draw the viewer to feel the energy radiating in and from her work.  Machine-applique, free-motion quilting, and embellishments using thread, beads, buttons, yarn, stamped images and paints often provide finishing touches to her work.  Bright colors, multiple colors, and sometimes all are used in a single quilt.  Sr. Nancy often hangs her creations from found branches or tumbleweed spines that blow to the monastery door.

Virtual Tour for Hansen-Smith

Virtual Tour for Sister Nancy Gunderson

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