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Square Foot video tour August 2023

Charles Beck & Tim Murphy video tour 

Michele Gorres video tour

Annunciation video tour January 2023

Little video tour

Judy Lewis September 2022 

Connie Herberg July 2022

Peter Wax June 2022

Student Exhibit April 2022

Britt Dalice February 2022

Nancy Walter January 2022 

Fall Art Show October 2021

Square Foot August 2021

Tracy Moser video tour August 2023

Michael Dunn video tour May 2023

Student Exhibit video tour 

Deana Novak video tour 

Storslee video

Fall Art Show October 2022

Square Foot August 2022

Greta Nelson July 2022

Christy Dickinson May 2022

Joy Flynn March 2022

Lorraine Dopson February 2022

Tarryl Gabel November 2021

BDAC-BAGA Members Sept 2021

Alicia Leingang video tour July 2023

Jonathan Wisthoff video tour May 2023

Arvin Davis video tour  February 2023

Jacqueline Binstock video tour 

Bachmeier video tour

Nicole Gagner September 2022

Connie Riedman August 2022

 Doug Boyd June 2022

Michelle Marman May 2022

Steven Holmes March 2022

Sharon Linnehan January 2022

Heather Adam November 2021

JoAnn Zahursky-Klein  Sept. 2021

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